to live a quiet life
where the only sounds are music...
the ocean, the rain, the silence,
the laughter of big n' little loves.
to have deep and meaningful
conversations with things growing
in my garden
and with birds in the trees.
bees in the dandelions, puppies,
caterpillars and fish in the seas.
to be surrounded by people to love
and learn from.
to be content in simple dreams
is to make this wonder filled adventure
called life and love,
all the more magical to me.
open heart, open mind,
eyes wide open. JZ 


OMG! You’re here! For that, I’m already immensely grateful. Thank you! <3

As some of you may know, and many of you may not, my name is Jewels but over the last 6-7 years, I’ve become better known as @jewelszee thanks to the amazing support for my photography and my musings, on Instagram, where I have, until now, shared a small part of my heart, who I am and the travels I am fortunate enough to experience.

Over the years I’ve gained a bit of a reputation for being (sometimes painfully) honest and raw, and its always played on my mind, the idea of extending my little mess of chaotic thoughts into a deeper level, journal of sorts, to share with you guys.


Here I am, with this new website, print store and journal attached! It’s all happening. 

I guess I should share just a little bit about me, because this is after all the “about’ page. Ha!

I’m mother to two of the best humans on earth, my exquisite teenage daughters, Bella and Anji who are my sun, my moon, and all my stars. I’m also a self-taught photographer, learning the ways since 2013, but shamefully admit to having never taken a lesson, read a manual, or watched a Youtube tutorial (eeeeek!) because to be honest, I have always just preferred the ‘out in the field’ style of learning...out in the wild, wide world of being.

In 2013, I won an Instagram photo competition, and out of 65,000 photos, two of my images were in the top ten. That made me the stand out winner according to the judges, and so (still can't believe it) I won $10,000 and bought my first ‘big girls’ camera. A Nikon D7000 Crop Sensor SLR. The only thing I knew, was that I was never going to use my camera in “auto” mode, and this would be how I would learn.

Fast forward to 2018, and by some universal wizardry, I am now not only a full-time photographer, but I get paid to travel all over Mother Earth, to photograph my experiences, and share them with you. As a woman, who still feels they are only learning the ropes, I couldn’t in my wildest dreams, have ever thought I would get to this place. Collaborating with some of the biggest travel brands and tourism boards in the world, I have seen and done things, that in a past life I may not have even bothered dreaming about because they seemed too out of reach. Grateful is a word I have become best friends with.

My wish is that every single one of you could experience all corners of our amazing planet, even just our incredibly beautiful country alone... feel the winds of north, south, east and west, to see ice and snow, oceans and mountains, deserts and forests, the faces of faraway lands, to feel the sun of midday on your face while someone you love is on the other side of the planet, missing you before they go to sleep.

I hope that through finally sharing my thoughts more in depth for you to ponder, and my images in print for you to hang in your home, they will at the very least will inspire a smile and some joy in your heart, and at the very most the desire to get out there and explore this crazy, beautiful, awe-inspiring world. For me personally, the reality of you hanging one of my prints in your home, is one of the greatest compliments I could ever receive, and it would mean more to me than words could ever say.

So, if you would like to look at what prints I currently have available for you please

Also, if you are someone who may be interested in working with me, in any capacity, please 

Peace and light,