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love is blind

love is blind

yet. loves eyes are always wide open too.

Hello beautiful life beings, how's your weekend going?

It's been raining here (much needed too) and I can tell that the ocean loves the rain as much as I do. We...her and I, the sea and I... we are content in the cosy slow-down that water falling from the sky enforces. The natural cool. The muffled sounds. The reminder that much snuggling must be done. All the while, the sea dances freely the way she always does. It's a beautiful thing. <3

Anyhooo. The other day I shared a sweet little love story, and I've decided I want to keep hold of it, and perhaps give it more permanence, by sharing it here with you too. Unfortunately, I didn't take photos on my camera to document this love story because I was too busy swimming, being extremely voyeuristic, sniffling back tears, holding my heart so it didn't burst out of my chest, and being mesmerised by two lovely human beings. So, words formed out of foggy brain memory, are all I have to share. Some of you may have already read it, but maybe you'll enjoy reading it again? Maybe with a cuppa tea even, because you now don't have to hold your finger down on a tiny little screen to see my tiny little writing this time around. lol. And if you haven't read it before, I hope it gives you a little heart flutter, like it did for so many others on Instagram and Facebook.

"As I was swimming this morning, I watched a beautiful woman, gently guide a blind man into the ocean. They were holding hands.  I could feel the LOVE emanating. It was immense. Of course, doh, all the salty tears rolled down my cheeks, I couldn’t hold them back, but I also couldn’t look away. I watched as they laughed together as each small wave crashed against his body, unexpected... surprising him. As his smile grew wider, so did hers... all the while still holding hands tightly. Their souls seemed so perfectly aligned. The trust was unconditional. Then she let go. As she dove under the water a wave pushed the blind man back, and knocked him over. Another tumbled him again. As he got up he belly laughed loudly, and I’d never seen a more genuine smile so big! The woman casually waded over to him, took him by the hand again and so lovingly said ‘the water took me away from you a little, but here I am.’ She turned him around to face the infinite ocean once again..."

It made me think, anyone can look at a picture of someone at the top of a mountain and such, and think it’s everything... and I guess to some it is, and that is more than ok. But it also seems anyone can reach the mountain top these days. All the cool kids are doing it. Intentions are muddled to me, but that's another vortex I won't go down today. ;)

It also made me think, how unfortunate it is that not everyone can take the time to notice an elderly woman and a blind old man happy and in love frolicking in the ocean. These are the truly ‘everything’ moments in life, to me. 

So, I guess by now you may be wondering, well Jewels, it's a lovely story, but why is there a picture of a mumma and bub leading the way for this journal entry? Good question! The answer is kinda random, but on this same day, for the first time in a long time, because of this love story, I was inspired to go home and pick up my big girls camera and do what I used to love doing so much... photograph random strangers on my fave beach in the world. And I wanted to share these images with you!

I felt pretty rusty though, freestylin' like this, most shooting I do now is so contrived, so influenced by what I think my client will want (especially if they are paying clients haha), what my audience will 'like' and what will 'look good' on my instagram feed. Ughhhhh. To be honest, the contrived nature of social media and my work, can so often leave me feeling very uninspired, and very disheartened about the idea of photography no longer being an art form, or a personal way to share life, and magical moments, but merely a tool to create 'content', to gain fame and big followings, via so called 'social media influence.' I struggle on a daily basis with my love/hate relationship with social media, my career choice, my photography... but I don't ever forget to acknowledge the insane gratitude I have at the same time, for the people I've met and love, the places I've been and the experiences I've had. The gratitude I have that occasionally I actually get paid to do what I love so much. Yes, I know how fucking lucky I am. I'm also starting to accept that it's ok to admit, that my 'luck' didn't come from nowhere and I've worked my friggin' butt off and been through trauma and hell to give away a part of my self online. Some days I might even actually believe I deserve that 'luck'. ;)

Holy shizzzzzzz, thats a big paragraph! And so many of these! > ' ' '

...if you're still reading, I'm surprised! hahaha!

Anyway, yeah, I saw true love that day and I made some pictures that day too, and it made me happy. The pics aren't epic, they aren't extraordinary, they are just another magical day for little old lucky me. And I love them. 

scroll above to check out my snapping strangers at Snapper <3

{all images taken on my OM-D E-M1 MARK II with 300mm lens}

Well happy days beautiful people, today and everyday. Ooodles of content feelings of joy, peace and love to you all... thank you always for reading my messy thoughts. Please leave me a little comment or subscribe to receive updates, news, etc. It would mean the world to me.

Big love

up close animalia

up close animalia